University Of Missouri Is Very Ignorant To Technology

First off colleges love making money. I wonder how much the U of Missouri school of journalism is making promoting the iPhone. This taints the University of Missouri. In my opinion this is the worst forced marketing job in the history of the world. Secondly the iPhone and iPod are designed for entertainment purposes. Even the people who work at Apple complain of the short battery, and the ineffective application of the iPhone to business. I saw a video where Guy Kawasaki said the iPhone is best for texting. Thirdly I can think of a million devices that could be better used. How about the newest video cameras, the small Dell (or HP , etc) for under a hundred with wireless connect card (related) type of set up. A good Cannon (or related cams) to easily flip perfect images. These things would work best remote and their batteries are much better than the Apple products. The University of Missouri knows nothing of value buys in technology, or what a good media kit would include. As for the phone why is the Black Berry curve the best selling phone? Nuff said! There are about a million other great phones besides the crack berry including Google's phone, quite a few smart Nokias, Motorolas, Palms, and you can finish the laundry list of awesome and inexpensive SMART mobile devices.

This is why everyone is a PC now. Even people who own every Apple product on earth. This is also why Best Buy has put every computer store out of business. They did it selling stuff that actually works, is inexpensive and makes people's lives better.
This is why the real geeks love all technology. Because they realize it is not the devices but rather the product of the devices, THE SOCIAL INTERACTIONS, and the Internet that is of real value. Blogger attributes its value to the content of the people, the community, and Google's ability to reach out to bloggers, rather than the satisfaction of the technology. Google finds value in how people use its services rather than why their new project is the best on earth. In a wikinomics type of world people are what is important. Many real world institutions do not realize this on purpose. We all know this. I do not have to tell you this.

If a University really wants to focus on technology they need to figure out how to make the next Twitter or Google rather than focus on mundane uses of overpriced devices. How about teach the students how to build an online community or search engine that benefits journalists. Niches, and social media are huge business and are the future of news dispersal anyways. That would equal tech savvy in my book.

To conclude I am all for Apple. Look at my blog theme!(at least this week) I heart Apple and all of its accomplishments. Apple makes amazing computers and devices. If you have the money buy Apple. But you will be replacing all of your Apple products in a month and you will find that they have no work horse value. If the University of Missouri did its homework and was able to separate hype from truth, fact from fiction, then we would be reading about its success rather than these stories that taint its image. The University of Missouri will never become the most tech savvy University by forcing the students to buy crap technology, but rather by buying that themselves (and hooking up the students free of charge) and drive down the student to computer ratio for example. The real issue here is about access to technology. Obviously this policy is highly discriminatory and evil. It hurts low income students and people who simply do not like technology. I wonder how many people slip through the cracks because the University Of Missouri cares little of academia or access which are real educational values. The University of Missouri has failed in its obligation that it has to the people of the State of Missouri and I am not talking about the elites and fat cats. The real honest people deserve a real and honest high value education and the University of Missouri is not cutting it. Verdict Epic Fail.

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