Understand How You Use Twitter

If you want to learn how to be a successful social media person online you need to keep a few considerations in mind.

1. Focus on real normal people who will actually follow you back on twitter. If they do not reciprocate then UN follow them. Following people who do not follow you back is hurting the ability of your profile to get more followers and win that game.

2. Study yourself and not others. There is a big movement of people to just read more blogs, read more tweets and they will be successful. Just end your distractions and work on your own projects. Look out for number one.

One way of keeping an eye on your twitter use is through Tweet Stats. Find out how much you tweet per day, month and how much people respond to you. This site can be a revealing productivity hack. I for instance am more productive on the weekends. As a result I will try to up the tweet production on Tuesday. This should generate more money into my pocket and make my life easier. Another good hack is to up your tweets during hot times like the evening. Think of yourself as the replacement of the prime time news. Only this way you are making money and not those crazy people who blab on the TV set!

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