The Two Most Important SEO Tips To Date

Recently I was reading a blog about SEO. The article made me think how important search engine optimization was to any successful blog, in its ability to make easy money. It is often, the people who come off search engines, that really check out different ads, and give the web master those happy clicks. Also few blogs or websites appreciated how integral seo is to their genesis and traffic. What are the most important search engines right now? Probably in no specific order yahoo, google, msn, technorati, and other related search and social sites. So how can I get my site in these search engines? Most sites just go in but many people submit their site to be sure. How can I maximize specific key words? The answer would be to use key word research software and formulate content that supports major key word and key phrase ecosystems that dominate the major search engines. I hear a lot about sites getting banned how does this usually happen? Linking to bad sites, doing strange things in content development, spamming others sites for promotion, duplicate content, and other things can lead to serious search engine optimization trouble. Why is it that my site never does well with the hot key phrases? First of all the so called hot search terms are relatively worthless for Roi. Why? The answer is because more specific search terms yield less traffic but if action directed like 'I really want to sign up and pay for a get rich quick program now' versus 'get rich quick' a much simpler high traffic yielding phrase that will ultimately get few if any conversions. Why is it that all seo professionals talk of link building? Links are the foundation of the world wide web. Without these links search engines would not be able to effectively gauge the relationships between various websites. Also where a blog links can have a direct effect on its overall quality. In a nutshell links are the most important search metric in determining the relative monetary value of a site or blog. Search engine optimization is largely about the links. Is twitter now a search engine? Twitter is fast becoming an important search engine that is talked about in the same category as google. A reference on twitter is very similar to a link. The general twitter memes and stories reflect relevant and current information on the web. Also many users are flocking to twitter every day. Because of this twitter is becoming a dominant search source for many people, especially those who know how to exploit it.


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