Twitter Tricks Tips And Hacks: How To Wrangle Twitter Followers

The game of twitter largely begins and ends by how many followers you have. The tactics that I will discuss with you are currently not being discussed at all. Here are the best twitter tactics to getting more followers:

1. First follow people. Some will follow you back. If they do not then unfollow them.

2. Wrangle in the power users to follow you by using the @ symbols. Make sure that all of the top 1000 twitter users are following you.

3. Serial follow and unfollow people who are following more people than have followers. These people will follow you then forget about you. They may also stay following you because they feel guilty about approaching twitter for the game that it is.

4. Use apps to make your web content go twitter viral. It would not hurt if some of this was self promotional for your twitter account.

5. Create a typical sales funnel to your twitter account. This may be counter intuitive but twitter is the best place to sell so take twitter more seriously than you do with your blogs and websites.

6. Create a twitter service. Have the requirement for use be subscribing to you.

7. Take out many twitter accounts and link them up. Many marketers do this to pass their own followers on to themselves off of different keywords, and subjects. This is what I call horizontal sales funnel multi branding explosion.

8. Set up programs or use apps that periodically follow, unfollow people.

9. Mine your email addresses and follow your master account. If you are following yourself you are the most loyal follower you can be. You then can follow back with no penalty to either account.

If you have any dark twitter tactics you would like to share please leave a comment.


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