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Twitter is the best business tool on earth. I believe that Twitter is the single most important promotional tool these days. If you are having questions as to what is twitter, and how it works watch this video. By this year's standards that video is dated. But the basics are all there.

Twitter is largely a game of communication. But unlike many online communities Twitter evolves every day as thousands of tools are pumped out every hour. With each new tool comes new people willing to test the tool and make them a part of their life and in turn our lives. Some tools are as simple as hash tags to denote keywords, memes, ideas, or other place holders, to complicated 3rd party tool sites made by a professional computer programmer. In the end it is important to act within your goals, beliefs and values.

If you have a brick and mortar business you may want to watch this video. Some of the important take aways are the importance of stories, details, pictures, to drive sales. The twitter stream of the person builds drama, and response into every day things to draw interest and attraction.

This video talks about the democratization of Twitter. It is extremely important to enter Twitter and not look down on people. Traditionally in social media there were the Alpha members and every one else. If the leaders decided that one person was not good then they would troll them. Twitter is much different. The video also talks about important ways to leverage your existing contacts on Twitter. According to the video it is fair game to send out the invites.

Twitter is also the home of some of the most important people on the web. These people will help spread and celebrate your contribution. This is unlike any other social medium. Traditionally social media had an emphasis on the self. In Twitter as some of the most successful users figure out abandoning the ego and participating is the most important aspect of the tool. We all use Twitter to see and be seen.

To conclude Twitter rocks and so do blog comments. So please leave a comment.

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