A Twitter Tool That Helps People Figure Out The Impact Of A Tweet

With followers on twitter going up and down people are generally not sure how their updates effect this. Tweet Effects is a great service that helps people learn what the effects of their various tweets are. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when using Tweet Effects:

1. If you loose 700 people on one tweet and gain back the same 700 on the next tweet you may have not really lost any followers. This may be a twitter glitch.

2. I have noticed that tweeting generally makes more followers than less. As a result it is a mistake to be so afraid of people not following you that you never put out the content.

3. There is nothing wrong with people not following you. Maybe they just outgrew your message.

4. I noticed the tweets that got the most unfollows unintentionally looked like some get rich quick scam. This is problematic because I usually promote many posts about making money online. As a result I may rethink how I word the tweets that link to this blog and tweet meme.

5. Tweet Effects has a cool badge for the brave. Seriously this is a great concept in being open about your success and failures. Being transparent is big money.

6. Usually when I got followers for a tweet, I noticed that over the next few tweet these people unfollowed. This could be because my automated reciprocity follow has not kicked in. This may also be as many have stated with driving followers that most people in general unfollow over time. An example is that the #followfriday has the #unfollowsaturday and #unfollowtherestoftheweek.

Tweet Effects is a great twitter analysis tool. At the same time there is the same trap as with google analytics in that people spent to much time analyzing and not enough time hustling and producing the money making contents.

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