Twitter Is Still Working Out Its Plan

Twitter has been trying on a few modes or features. I suspect that the motive was both privacy, and site speed. Twitter has a hard time keeping up with hot refreshing pages because tweets happen fast unlike a long blog post that happens slow. I believe that this is good because it means that people do this and actually like to do this. In contrast many social communities were and are largely a post and leave community. Whereas others like live chat and stuff are good but staying live is tiring. Twitter really solved all of our problems, but like most sites direction is the hardest thing to decide upon. What makes things even worse is that the name Twitter leaves many doors open. At least My space and the Face book the titles mean something. Nouns are powerful branding. Twitter is a made up adjective (or just a word I never use) that in my mind symbolizes the fast free wheeling mania as the world explodes with countless over hyped pointless technology. Twitter I think is deeper than that because it facilitates communication, and it brings the web together instead of tearing it apart. I think if twitter gets it right it will be around a long time.


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