Twitter Is Run By Smart People

Recently I read a Tech Crunch article that had the interview of the twitter owner Biz Stone (name) . My impression is that twitter is here for the long run. Unlike Apple and Facebook that chase hype and devalue their brands twitter moves slow and strategically towards offering superior function.

For instance in the interview Biz Stone was asked countless times to do what some people really want. Biz said that they need to take care of some basic stuff on twitter before they move to other things. Biz Stone even sited the redesign of the homepage. This is good news because Facebook has long been criticized for web design issues. Twitter really wants to get the function perfect before they let people post glitter text.

Biz Stone talks of the importance of the hash # tags and the retweets RT and how he is looking to enhance the twitter experience around these things. This will make the twitter conversation even more powerful.

The talk goes to location aka the legendary geo tweet. Google went this way and so will twitter.

The biggest takeaway from the video is the one spike of the hair and drinking the coffee is hip. Two things that I need to start doing more of.

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