Twitter Cash: How To Get Paid Money Per Tweet

Twitter rocks my friends. Use it or loose out on it. Well the great question that I hear all of the time is 'how can I make money on twitter?' I also hear 'are there any good advertising companies for twitter?' The answer to both questions is yes and definitely.

So what is the best company to make money with twitter. For that I am not exactly sure but you could try Paid Per Tweet. The idea is very simple. This advertising company is a lot like pay per post of twitter. You may need followers, or this and that but people do make money on twitter. There are a few things to keep in mind. Number one, it may not be a good idea to promote products on your twitter account used to promote your personal brand.

Being marked as a bad marketer only makes you look bad. Secondly if you want to proliferate affiliate links it may be better to tweet landing pages, and have tweet meme and related service pick it up then to directly place affiliate links. The reasons for this are many but primarily it is important to send people to your pages rather than to corporate pages. Do you really want to send your valuable twitter followers knee deep into sales pages? This is not a good way to make friends online.


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