Tweet Meme Alternatives

Twitter is bigger than anything on earth. Whether people talk of the iPhone or Oprah , Twitter seems to be the place to see and be seen. There are more celebrities these days on Twitter then there are in Hollywood.

Twitter is much like a club for people who love socializing online. This is an extremely important way to get your business message out. Make people believe in you. Have people help you in your life. If you have questions, millions of people have answers on Twitter.

Tweeting content is part of the party and the chase. Content and links are a bait on Twitter. People blindly re tweet ideas and content and as a result if a person comes up with something within the next hour their idea can travel to every Twitter user on earth! Imagine if that idea was your product. I call this the Internet sales miracle.

Well the meme is great but there is a new cat in town. The Retweetist is much like the Tweet Meme but a bit different too. The Retweetist is big on stats too. See how well your content was Retweeted last week.

So how are you going to get your content retweeted this week? Will it be your cool titles? Probably the trust worthiness of your site coupled with a decent story can consistently get you far with the online meme game.

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