Tweet Adder Anouther Automation Product

There seems to be quite a few twitter automation products. Much like tweet later, social too, etc we have products like Tweet Adder. I have been watching the tutorials for Tweet Adder. It seems to operate from in the computer. I like how it targets posts which is very interesting. If you are automating off of the twitter social search mechanism I would reckon this would be more powerful than merely auto following by profile. After all profiles may not reflect the value of the tweets or the social interactions. The software also lets people target the followers of their competition which is pretty cool. Often the gurus are followed by extremely active and loyal users. In many cases getting and giving is the ideal situation but this software allows for taking important 'active' users. Tweet adder also has tools that utilize your history to employ automation actions which is interesting.

This program looks cool but the money is definitely a barrier as many twitter automation tools are free.

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