Turn Your Tweet Into A Mini Podcast Tweet Mic

Twitter is the love of my life. What would life be without the tweet? It would be sad I tell you. Well twitter has revolutionized itself. The latest and greatest app brings the power of the voice to the tweet. Try Tweet Mic on for size. This will definitely not be the last talk to the twitter on the phone type of tool that will come out.

Why should one use Tweet Mic? The first thing that comes to mind is that it would get more followers. If we take a look at sites that live broad cast stuff they get the lion's share of traffic. I say why not bring the lion to your twitter account and bring your money earned to the bank.

Twitter Mic is a marketers dream because multi media is a much more powerful communication tool than is text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the voice is worth a trillion. I really mean that.

Your voice is going to rock the twitter meme, you will succeed and be happier than ever.


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