There Is No Way To Escape Telephone Spam

Am I the only one who gets millions of calls a day not for me? Recently a friend had been trying to call me for months. I blocked his number because he had changed it and I was not familiar with the new city area code! We have a pandemic. Unfortunately the phone spam is getting worse.

According to the article they can call anyone and their phones are set up to break barriers, and do anything. Basically no one is immune from bad telemarketing. But we all knew that.

On one hand I have always dreamed of starting up an online telemarketing business. I would call it the 'dream team' where money rains like a monsoon would be the catch line. On the other hand this telemarketing thing is really out of hand. Unfortunately there is really nothing people can do but stop using phones. Why not just use live streaming talk online, Skype, video chat rooms or whatever else the Internet has invented. All of that stuff is free.

I predict people will stop using phones in ten years the same year they stop using TVs and cars.

If you keep it locked to this site you will make so much money you can hire someone to answer your phones. Just kidding my friends.


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