Targeting Topics May Increase Automated Twitter Revenue

Many people automate their twitter accounts from a variety of services. Automation is a great way to take the work out of twitter marketing. If you want to make more money then specifically targeting twitter trends is key. For instance there are robots now that target the trending topics and can match a twitter affiliate program with them. Basically this will open up very strong revenue channels. This system is not dependent on followers. This way you could set up a bunch of twitter accounts set to different settings. After this all we do is track the results and repeat until we get everything right. I was studying some common search terms on Food Feed for instance. It was the twitter users with the most social capital that targeted specific food orientated key words. They may play coy and say that they were just talking about dinner. In reality they were using attraction marketing tactics to drive more followers and expand their global influence. This is not much different than a person on YouTube who creates a video series in order to move people on an affiliate conversion. Most marketers understand the importance of doing one thing to help something else. This is why people who need more blog traffic actually spend more time on twitter. This is the power of effective promotion and believing in what you do and being able to convey that to other people. If your message is infectious it will spread. If not then change your message, and build a new automated niche. Live and learn.

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