Stock Market Dividends May Decrease During Hard Times

Yesterday I covered a story how old media wanted people to dive head over heals back into the stock market. I knew this was wrong. BBC news covers a company where the dividends decrease because of the market. If you made your career out of investing not getting dividends could really ruin you life. Most investors use part of the dividends to spend on themselves, part to reinvest, and part to save. The dividends are fundamental economic drivers. But now with them cut it is like the living 'wage' of millions of people are also cut. The people who suffer most from this generally have a more full dependence on the market, and probably in these conditions have considerable losses.

Investing is cool, but in the market right now may be not so smart. There are billions of great things to invest in that are not in the sick stock market that make people rich. Find these things and be smart.


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