So Why Do You Blog And What Do You Have To Show For It

There is a typical marketer mantra that goes like this:

People on YouTube with millions of views and no monetary accomplishment, have not accomplished anything.

In reality the potential of these videos to drive conversions is high. I would want one of these videos. These million view YouTube videos are a lot like your blog. Does your blog sell anything. Do you use your link juice for your sales page or do you blog just to blog. If you blog to blog who is getting rich? Probably the blog hosting companies and every other company built up around blogs and blogging.

My next question is how much stuff do you have on your blog? How thick are your paragraphs? How many comments do you have? Would people have reason to come back? If your blog is very similar to every other blog in the niche your ability to leverage the niche diminishes significantly. On the other hand if your blog is exceptional you will get 90 percent of your niche traffic even if the blog is not the best.

So what does this mean?

This traffic is something that you can leverage for affiliate commissions on another site. Linking between your sites is more powerful than just promoting on the site. Why is this? The answer is that linking adds value to both sites. The link will drive more traffic to the final site because the formula goes as follows:

First Blog Linked Second Blog = Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

Linking is the currency of the Internet so deep linking within your system makes your own pages and properties much more valuable. Linking raises google's awareness, along with every other wanna be google out there. Linking increases search visibility and bot comb ability of your pages. Deep linking will increase conversions. Deep linking is a lot like what the tweet meme is now. Links drive technorati and google. The top sites in technorati are the top of google and twitter and etc. The common thread is links and references, page structure, and other seemingly small factors translate into cold hard cash. Start your promotions.

Why again should the business and the blog be separated?

The reason has to do with perception. People feel like they are going somewhere. There is a special sales term for this called spatial marketing.


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