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Recently I was reading an article that said now might be a time to invest. I just did not buy the logic. Pretty much the article claimed that because we can not predict the up swing and the markets go up every year now is the time to invest.

This just seemed really fallacious. I would argue only invest in sound investments. Many stocks for instance could still disappear. I am no genius on the market but I do know that some more bad stuff could happen to companies. Then where does your money go.

Why not invest in things that are not a part of the market. The stock market is largely controlled by inside traders. Why not put some money into forex, land, gold, and other non stock investments until we are sure that businesses will stop going out of business.

Part of the fun as an investor may be the future discounts that we have yet to realize. This article seemed like an attempt to generate buzz for corporations that are also sponsors. Be careful what you wish for.

Remember the great depression because we may be heading for one.


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