Simple Is The New Radical Design Element

As many sites spiral out of control with crazy design elements, some of the most respected names online go simple. Take for example google. Google is the biggest name in advertising yet their site looks little like an advertisement. Google has a big problem. How can google fit all of the stuff on their site. The answer is simple. Go minima! Google did it and won.

Scobleizer the most important name in the history of blogging stripped his blog for a new beginning. In his mind there was little value in the way things are going with blogs. So he returned to his blog and busted the legendary thesis theme and bam is back going old school with some cool hack integration tweaks that he assures us are so easy to do that by next week everyone will have sites within sites. I believe this was inspired by Darren Rowse's Twitip which is a stark contrast to his pro blogger and photography school sites. Twitip is striped down, more socially functional and is much more open to ideas than his other sites that were more concerned with really specific things. I believe that we are headed to a new web and all of the rules are quickly changing.

I remember a similar post on tech crunch how we were leaving web 2.0 behind for greener pastures. I believe that much of the hype will calm over everything. People are realizing that crazy design is nothing more than a time trap.

And finally twitter is an old idea. Wow you have to see that! Nothing changes. Only the hype always looks bad even a year later. I hate nostalgia but that is just me.

Your thoughts?


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