Should I Post To Twitter And Facebook At The Same Time

This is an excellent question many marketers have. With the rise of automation and power posting services like Hello Txt the debate is raised whether bloggers, marketers, social media people, and other web aficionados should mega post their life work.

On one hand these tools are here for that why not use them and benefit. On the other hand excessively self promoting in social media can negatively impact viral growth of content marketing. There is really no right answer in this debate.

So how can people more ethically use these services? One way is to create a few accounts on the social media sites. Link the two accounts. Communicate in your 'professional account' that people will be receiving updates about your weekly podcast radio show, your blog posts, and your vlog about building a business. On your personal account just have fun sharing web content. This way people can opt in to your content rather then opting in to you and being left with you stream of content that they do not like.

Many marketers will often have accounts up with links and seal most of their affiliate sales with email to keep their marketing tactics and communication private. Also they can have hotter calls to action that other people wont be bothered.

The automation, bulk action versus by hand debate will continue. But one thing is for sure. People like dealing with real people at the end of the day. Once a marketer removes the human element out of the equation the question remains how can the marketer tastefully and humanely automate the money making process.

Stay tuned because within the next few years the Internet will experience a pandemic of automated blam, junk, and virus packed craziness. Keep it real and play nice.

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