Should I Buy Twitter Followers?

Call me the twitter 'fan boy.' To be honest I like all social media and the good that it does. But this article will once again talk about the twitter phenomena. There are countless services and tools where people pay for followers, or pay for super automation programs and robots. Do some of these things build up follower counts? Definitely. Can pumping up the followers increase income? Yes it can. But what are some consequences? The largest consequence is that social media profits are made from real and honest ground work. If you have millions of followers why should people care? Do you create great twitter content? Are you a celeb? Have you invented something? A marketer for instance can build many followers. But most marketers that I know of have a tremendous ground game. They interact with countless people on twitter, so there is little question as to why they 'deserve' the large number of twitter followers. Many of these marketers do have good content in association with themselves. I believe yes more twitter followers are the goal but if you can not effectively communicate deeply with all of them than you desire for more followers may be misguided. If all you want is the next promotion, or money, fame then I would say you may need to also invest the time and talent online that most people do. Pay the price with yourself before you go out and buy friends. Also many of these followers are automated accounts. Do you really want to be watching a twitter stream of bots?


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