Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page Made A Research Paper

The people who brought us google also wrote a paper about google. Of all the auto pilot to money systems we could argue google is the best money making robot out there. But this paper shows that Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page were no slouches either. They were willing to dedicate their lives to their craft. There is a lot to be said in this. I personally see the direct correlation between stuff learnt and the success of google. Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page made google successful because the business model is driven by people rather than Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page. Just imagine if their search engine was hand driven. They would need more than the people on earth to work the controls. This can be transferred to any online business. Does your site go on auto pilot or do you have to always feed it with stuff? Google has led me to believe also the value in starting search engines, advertising companies, and social media sites. I was reading that producing a google for the average person even with a lot of tech experience would be economically a strain. I think it never hurts to try something new even if you try branding a site that is purely a community script with some ads versus the blogging that is so big now. Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page rarely blog to my knowledge. Most of the google blogs are maintained by other people. This way they focus on the big things and Eric Schmidt also helps them. I think we can all learn a lot from this situation. Here are my take aways points:

1. Automation and Robots = $

2. Working as a team = $$

3. Advertising = $$$

4. Innovation = $$$$

I may not understand a word that Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page say on their research paper but I suspect that they make a lot of money. I just have that feeling.

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