Robert Allen And His Best Free Message

Robert Allen inspires a lot of people with his messages. On YouTube the mere belief that one can make it according to him is the most powerful tool anyone can possibly have. An example of the way destructive thinking can lead to financial ruin goes as follows:

Let's say I want to buy a property. My motivation in buying this land is to rent it, farm it and ultimately make money off of it any way I can. Well now I go to a friend and tell him/her/them my vision. They will tell me that it won't work. This dream is impossible. As a result if I buy into this I will never try and as a result I will never have an opportunity to succeed.

On the other hand let's say that I internalize that I can do it. I go buy the property. I make good money. The money leads to more opportunities. Twenty years later I legally change my name to Donald Trump because of all of that money I made.

This is often called the power of positive thinking, or mind over matter. These thoughts are what might drive someone from working an under paid summer camp job to spending that wasted time on Internet marketing or whatever their passion it. Ultimately it is the mind and choices that drive success.

If we choose to succeed we will eventually succeed. If we choose to fail we will inevitably fail. Personally I believe there is something deeper than just imagining wealth. I believe that this can go farther. Just imagine that you got a mere 100 dollar check in the mail. Perhaps this is not a life changer. But then imagine having a fun night in the clubs or going camping with that money.

I believe that this can often drive people to make constructive decisions to get up and try things to make money rather than just wasting time shopping for instance or just spending another weekend staring at the chains that hold them down.

Believe that all chains those in the mind and those outside can be broken. Just dream of the greatest delusions you can think of. For me it might be living in a nice house in Venis Beach,CA. Here I would step outside, and watch all of the people hanging out and having a great time in the sun. Maybe I would hop on a skateboard and get a tattoo, then have a great dinner!

I believe these thoughts can drive people. Being the seller can bring a lot of wealth your way. And billions of dollars are possible. But so too are a few bucks for coffee. Why not celebrate what you have, imagine what is possible, and go out and win.


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