The Real Secret To Using Linked In

I am amazed how many poorly made linked in profiles that there are out there. Let's first start with the picture. The better the picture the better. For instance using your power shot will make a better picture than your ten year old cell phone. Secondly fill out all of the information head to toe. Utilize every application and leave no field blank. If you do not have a website get one. If you do not have a home page get one. If you do not have a professional profile on every social media site online get one. Winning the online game is life. After your profile is done get your sales pitch up. Use the same tactics that you see in those google money system ads. Really sell the world why you are the best. You will teach the companies how to generate revenue on auto pilot. Also you are the smartest and most interesting person on earth. Just remember that before you start making your linked in page. You could also click here if you want to read more articles on getting a job with linkedin. I am just a person trying to help you achieve optimal success. You can do a ropes course, a trust fall or any thing else but if your linkedin profile is not number 1 then you should get it there. You rule just remember that. In order to rule even more please leave a long winded comment.


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