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Take your ads up and paint a pretty picture with words. Get people to respond. What? Try the q and A type of thing.

The What:

Readers engage in websites for a variety of reasons. Some people they honestly want to meet other people who have sites, or are reading sites. Others want to promote something. And still others it is a form of entertainment. So where do you fall?


Why do you cover your subjects. What do you want people to get out of your website?

Cover exciting stories like the person who used twitter and social media from the highest mountain on earth besides Hawaii.

Be controversial. Go against the twitter hype. Take a risk. Be funny. Have fun. Stir up a conversation.

Do these examples inspire you to write blog posts that will set the world record for user comments? I hope so!

According to the times you may want to hook your readers in. I remember teachers telling me to do this. I had not a clue and I still do not have a clue. It just sounds so right.

Getting the right comments is like getting the right seat. It takes a secret to know the system. Know your secret. Know your story. Tell stuff to people. Make a really long video.

Make 1 million videos online that promote a single article. That way a million people will check it out. Love it and make a wonderful comment. Ha!


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