People First, Money Second

With the current economic situation people often misplace their online marketing campaigns. Trying to force things on people is a mistake. Take this energy and put it into you pitches is better. Trying to clog you site with ads is a mistake. Generating leads through effective funnels, words and videos is a good use of your time. One way to really reach out to people who read your site is through a news letter. There are numerous news letter services out there like Feed Blitz. Secondly how well does your site do for traffic. Exploit more trends and you will see an increase in traffic and engagement. For example I found this jewel when typing in 'make money fast' my favorite search term. I also noticed that the term affiliate program was going down hill. Adsense too peaked in 2007 and is now going down. Adsense alternatives on the other hand is up in 2009 especially in Delhi and London. Work from home was up but is not down. Internet business as a term is down as well. Twitter was up but is now going down. Blog is flat lineing but still going slightly up. Ebay is going down. Etc. Use Google trends to identify and target specific markets to leverage. If the trend is going up your are much more likely to make a lot of money than from a crashing trend.

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