Pay Per Click A Dime A Day Secrets A Dollar A Month

Driving up clicks may be the number one pay per click mistake on earth. Much like affiliate ads, targeting high pay out ads are what make the money. Unless you are an AdWords genius, arbitrage genius, and social media genius you will never make a million off of one cent clicks. In that case you would need a hundred million or so clicks. On the other hand if you created a made for AdSense website then you are on your way. The next step is to set up advertiser channels in the google AdSense website. Create key words off of google into the box and create an AdSense profile that will stick out. Add value so advertisers can easily find your site and be willing to pay a lot of money. If you ads in conjunction are in a good spot, you site is clean, and you convert high on ctr then you will become a millionaire. This may be hard to explain, but if you do not do the work in your AdSense account you may never see the 10 dollar clicks that the gurus talk about.

If you find this whole channel marketing a problem, affiliate advertising may be much easier for you. In that case you can just pick your rate. Create a site around it. Funnel traffic off of satellite sites. And bam! Please leave a comment.


John Ramirez January 2, 2013 at 3:36 AM  

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