The Palm Pre Is Revolutionizing The Mobile Play

I am not one to hype things but I am excited about the Palm Pre phone coming out on Sprint. Palm does a good job and this phone is fairly inexpensive. The mobile revolution really starts when the smart phones become affordable. Now would be a good time to start building apps and programs for the Palm Pre if making money is of interest to you.

According to the press release the Palm Pre is easy to use, compared to the iPhone probably. The features excite me a lot.

I have had more than a few smart phones and honestly I did the smart thing. I shut them off. Got a regular phone with a battery that lasts for weeks on. For my computer I got a second small dell that I can take with me with the connect card. This way I can do more powerful computing than these smart phones are yet capable of.

Smart phones are the future but the hype is quite silly. Baby computers are way more productive for the stuff that I need to do outside of the house.


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