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It was a normal day on the Internet when Hulu started pulling shows. This hurt Hulu because people found the same stuff elsewhere. The same thing could be said for sites. Many bloggers who have valuable content are faced with the dilemma to turn it into a book or ebook and sell their good content. In theory this is good, but it may drive a stripped down blog into obscurity. This same principle can be applied to the adoption of offline media companies online. Many want to charge for everything like old times. Most people will not pay. Everyone knows that online content production is done better online so why waste the time? Doing business with late adaptors is extremely risky because even they will eventually evolve to the changes. Some solutions for surviving this gap besides serving up the best content include B2B marketing and social media. The B2B marketing may be to allow bloggers to fully syndicate old media onto their site. This way old media can meet the content dispersal quota to spin a more serious and less laughable income. But if old media went out of business I would be happy. Who wants the competition anyways.


jerome7 May 18, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

I have made the internet my income source for the last 7 years and I can say this: Social media resources will drive business stronger than anything in the past.

The 'Key' is to have a product everyone needs, is very affordable, it works and is personal AND it is easy for young and old to network to their 'Virtual Friends.

We have it and we are doing it. We back it up with International radio advertising to 'Brand' the product'

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