Never Buy A New Technology When It First Comes Out

This may be highly counter intuitive. But this simple truth will set you free. It will save you millions of dollars and using stuff that simply does not work. This is why I get the cheapest computer, camera, and whatever. I can buy new ones every year. This is why the Microsoft commercials are so successful. They reined in the herd of people who had paid the amount of money for apple products that could buy them a farm. Technology is great but smart shopping is even better. But do not take my word for it. Check out this article. It is pretty safe to say that the tech power plays today are Microsoft and Google. I believe that everything is migrating online. These 'free' communities get a lot of smack. But they do offer tremendous value over paying for networking. Free information online is said to always be wrong. But we all know that the people who say this are highly misinformed. Free is the new entry point for technology. In forward thinking cities and towns across the world 24 hour access to the Internet on computers is absolutely free. We need to believe in the revolution of free and excellent technology. There are a lot of people who hate google. I say why hate if google can help you in ways that zero companies had done before.


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