The Most Amazing Use Of The Iphone Ever

A bunch of guys play iPhone instruments to an adoring crowd in the mall. They are better with iPhone than any band I have ever heard. My only question is how did they get that type of reception? And why did the phones not brick at all? Geniuses!

Talking about the iPhone, google's android has been having some scaling problems. The android that was originally marketed as a little open source miracle computer is now less than perfect. Now I do not feel so bad that I did not buy one. Ah technology, it never works.

But to help us make these silly 'smart' phones work is an amazing online Stanford course. Just like real school I have never been able to sit through one of these courses. I always go to sleep 7 seconds into it.

Luckily for the marketer Nokia is bringing ad supported stuff to the phone. This is the mobile ad revolution started by the famous AdSense for mobile. I call this the trickle away effect. One day money will rain. And we will thank these phones.

Luckily all of this energy will be saved in our smart grids. Bringing computers to electricity sounds intelligent. I just wonder what happens when these computers get a virus? Will the situation leave us in the dark?

If the lights go out I will be using a design generator to make me happy. Art is what saves the world. One person at a time. If only it could save us from global warming!

In related news web designers want your money. Some one wants some of the air plane cash cow. I say just go to flight school.

Why am I sounding more and more like Stephen Colbert every day? Probably because I just watched his show. Maybe I should legally change my name to Stephen Colbert and start my own online show. Maybe 2 people would watch in instead of one because for a second they thought is was the Colbert Report! Hello Nation...


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