Miley Cyrus , Twittle, And Ashton Kutcher Are Cooking Up Many Hot Twitter Stories

Shame on twitter for ever being born! In one fell swoop you turned my world on end. You changed the online game forever. Let's forget of search engines, videos or even friends! Twitter is now the king. My blog is now worthless! Now because Miley Cyrus is so much cooler than me my blog does not matter any more!

Just kidding Miley Cyrus and twitter are cool. These are the times. I am a firm believer that it would be of benefit for any marketer to allocate a day a week where they learn how to use twitter better.

On this special twitter day tweet a lot. Use many of the 3rd Party websites like Twittley and expand your knowledge searching the tweetosphere, blogosphere, and search engines on twitter.

Twitter has the ability to crack what is relevant right now and not later. In the world of making money online twitter is a great way to discover the new hot rock stars before they go big on google or technorati. Twitter is the next google.

Google banned? Now it may not matter any more. I have spyed some marketers traffic stats where they used to be 90% google are now 90% twitter. How did they do this when their google traffic stayed the same? They embraced twitter like I am saying.

See with twitter there is so much to learn it is impossible to get to the bottom of it. Twitip for example has more stuff to work with than Pro Blogger these days. Darren Rowse spotted this early.

I will admit I got a twitter account the day it came out but I was only doing like a tweet a day on a good day.

Twitter is like a magic genie. The more I tweet the more it gives. The more I tweet other people's stuff the more it gives. The more traffic I feed it, the more followers twitter gives me and the better I can leverage memes. And this is only super basic twitter for dummies! See leveraging twitter can be done automated on many different accounts, in different names, on different channels, with different varieties of apps etc to create a twitter traffic flow worth millions of dollars.

This is what Ashton Kutcher realizes. If Ashton was not a billionaire already and actually cared he could compound market with his account and make astronomical sums just off of one account. Expert marketers actually twitter funnel through networks of their twitter accounts.

Lets say a marketer has 20 niche websites. They take out twitter accounts for each site. Then they funnel these 20 twitter accounts into their 1 twitter account with hot links to their one conversion site for 1 product. Without getting into the math they can leverage millions of people a day and thousands of conversions worth at least millions of dollars a year. This is actually more powerful than Ashton because lets do the math. Let's say that they have 100k followers in each account times 20 which equals I think 2 million followers! Plus their blogosphere readers at 100k per niche website so we have another 2 million people! Then to every social site which is millions more. Granted this theoretical person is a super marketer like Shoemoney what I am saying is a reality my friends! In some ways I am exaggerating to prove a point and In other ways I am not!!!


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