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I never understand why Google helps its competition! It seems like the irony is that Google's biggest competition is either A. a Google employee or B. some kind of affiliation to Google.

Google for Webmasters has an extremely useful tutorial that covers the various Google tools involve with websites.

The video talks about letting the happy Google bots in.

The video also talks about making Site Maps for the bots and your audience.

Google has trouble with hot updated content. This is why many bloggers who crank out posts get the most money on their day off. When the blogger comes on vacation the Google bot comes out to play.

The video talks about how Google Bot has trouble understanding flash and multimedia. A result of this is that we must really describe what people are to say. Think keywords and SEO.

The video also talks about how important the title and description are. They are what catch people's eye and hence are major traffic drivers of people.

The video talks about how content that repeats itself. Google may not know where the original content is or the appropriate place to go. The video has many solutions for this.

The video also talks of page rank, page violations, and webmaster tools.

Check it out.

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