The Marketing Ploy Code Named Business, And Why It Is Meaningless

When doing business online it is important to keep a strong b-s antenna so you do not fall into other people's traps. A major thing that marketers do to make people feel left out is bombard their blog posts with crazy 'business' jargon. These words are designed to distract us from learning truth. It is important to collaborate with people to build your brand equity through team work. But you should keep a lookout for people with these crazy credential and big words. A great example is the fact that people can photo shop their feed reader to say that a million people read their blog when the number is really zero. I have nothing against the fake it till we make it thing but also to beware of the motives.

In a related concept google is bringing small business to the forefront. This helps google a lot because much of their profits are done by freelance marketers who for example really do well with google AdSense. Google also wants to facilitate the ingenuity that may create its future talent pool. Eric Schmidt was arguing this on TV. Pretty surreal stuff here in 2009.

I believe that the future of business is in smart metrics. The whole problem is that most analytics, even if handled by the experts can be deceiving. Marketers have no way of figuring out exactly who is the active user. I believe analytics that can trace people to a deeper extent will be well received by the world of online junkies.

Mobile is busting business now also. Microsoft is finally filling the void. Their business minded technological advances will revolutionize the mobile scene.

But businesses do not have much to bank on lately. People's real personal piggy bank is what will drive small entrepreneur innovation in 2009 and probably for the next ten years.

I believe it may be better to hit your computer than hitting the road for business.

The common thread in this amazing report is business. If you want to be taken seriously be all business and all results. Market and get things right. You are the future make money fast guru. I can just picture you in one of those videos. That is my vision of business. Funny infomercials!


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