Marketing Matters! Twitter Revelations And Tweet Deck Visualization Skills

Tweet Deck is a twitter browser that helps people have a better twitter experience. Even if you do not really want to use Tweet Deck it may be important to try it anyways.

Why is this? Because any good marketer knows that you need to see twitter from the prospective of other people to effectively use it. With the explosion of 3rd party twitter tools and apps the twitter experience is so diverse that few grasp how special twitter really is. Understanding twitter will help you exploit it for cash. Doing these things is not a waste of time. If you put the time into twitter you will be paid. Most casual twitter marketers see an increase in their monthly income by a significant amount. Now just imagine yourself as a twitter guru after a month of learning every app, tool and service! Twitter is a better medium to leverage affiliate sales than is blogging, and all other social media combined at least today.

People will follow you for advice. You will get more blog traffic. People will respect you more online. This looks to me like an amazing branding and public relations opportunity. Do not pass up twitter or whatever is the next hot social media site.


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