Marketers Love Twitter Bots Because They Are Good For Business

Every time a person gets online, many robots record their every activity. Pretty soon these robots will be able to weave the personalities of you and me and create our offspring. Just imagine how effective an online robot could build a personal brand if they take your most successful traits and my most successful traits. The synergy would make a cash generating machine that would even catch the attention of money gods like Shoemoney and Chow. Because many of us live in a money driven capitalistic world it is safe to say that most robots are created to solve life's problems and hopefully make a profit. For example car companies use robots to create car parts quicker than people can. There are robots under the sea, in space on the highest mountains, and online. Robots are everywhere. Automation is very similar to robotics. Where the two meet is a fuzzy line. If you are looking into how these robots can help your online business check out the website Robotics which covers the industry of mostly terrestrial and functional robots. Robots solve many of our problems online and off. Now days robots are cheaper than ever. Online marketing robots for instance can cost around 100 dollars which is a bargain if they are good at what they do. The robots that many online marketers are into are on twitter. Because this is twitter week on I feel really good just saying that!


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