Making Money Online Is About Inner Discovery and Life

Recently I was watching an Anthony Robbins video where Anthony helps some guy out who lost his job and is down on his luck. Many people who come to these online sites may be in this situation. The economy sucks, and even when it gets better there may not be a job in the next century. Because of this these trials that we are going through obviously making money online, article marketing, eBay marketing, and anything else web business I feel is a good way out. Here is the thing. Unless you are aware of the journey of your own personal self discovery you may miss some big things. Make money in a way that excites you. Even if you hate what you do to make money online, use your Internet skills to reach out and help others. If you learned a way to dupe the system and make a hundred dollars a day working one hour a week, teach a friend this who lost a job. I believe that making money is important to satisfy our need of safety, but you must also do what is fulfilling. As Anthony Robbins points out in the video do not dwell in the past. In the make money online game this could mean abandoning old sites that do not produce a lot of money. I would never recommend getting rid of sites but just stick ppc ads all over them and any site should be able to pay for itself and then some. Another thing typical online is burnout. It is OK to leave your computer for months years or centuries. Have your soul guide you as Anthony Robbins says.

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