Make Twitter Money Online Like A Bear Through Blogs Quickly

Make Money Online With Grizzly is a make money online blog written by a person who writes many other sites on similar subjects. Unfortunately the punchline is about making money slow. Personally I do not have the patience to work for 6 years, developing keyword density, and followers. Nor do I have the skills or drive to make money the real way.

But if you really want to know those things check out the Griz blogs. One of the sites is really interesting because it is stripped down. The whole point is that people put too much into all of the stuff building the site up for no reason.

Blogs need key word structure, in coming links, social bookmarks, a good happy audience and some other things that I will pretend to know alot about. But I do know that these sites are legit as any of the make money online legends ever.

I believe personally that the next frontier of the make money game is twitter. The twitter memes for example can only be voted up, unlike sites where the down vote is cranked by the social bookmarking police. Also blogging takes time to develop.

Leveraging twitter traffic does not take time or experience. Twitter can be automated. Twitter can be branded. Twitter is infinitely extensible. Twitter is the future of the web for at least this year my friends. Imagine dropping $100 dollar affiliate links from your mobile device walking the beach.

That is the future of online marketing. Twitter is the gold rush. Twitter is the newest get rich quick vehicle. I would advise everyone to sign up for twitter now!


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