The Internet Business Revenue Pro Vision Of Copyright

Online copyright is fundamentally different than offline copyright. For example an aggregator like they do picks up an article of mine. With the article is my affiliate ad. This rules because my marketing is transferred virally across the web. My ads also make it onto social media like the facebook through my notes which is the feed from this site. Now I have facebook people that I could potentially woo with my ads. This is great because much of the facebook crowd does little else online. Many people though are not as in love with aggregators, search engines, and other viral stuff grabbers as I am. I have a hard time understanding their point of view when my business model is dependent on content dispersion. Without this stuff not a single person would ever go on ever. I view content as a marketing and sales funnel vehicle. I have seen some news papers start to do this. Unfortunately they ran an affiliate scam. This is a horrible way to introduce your readers to the online media world. This is why newspapers are suffering. There is greater value outside their sites. I believe that the papers should create online news aggregrators and use ads like the rest of us. They should just fire their whole writing crowd, hire tech people and try a google slash twitter clone. I am tired of traditional media suing and ruining lives because they largely do not understand a thing about the Internet.


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