I Never Knew This About Twitter Followers

I was reading twitip and I stumbled on an excellent post. Minus the fact that it calls John Chow's site(John Chow is my favorite make money online site ever) a spam site I thought it had some good information. Basically the post chronicled why people follow a twitter account. I disagree that the only followers are people who follow just to follow. There are so many reasons. But I know for a fact that I started getting more followers once I promoted my twitter account. The more I promote it the more followers I get. I do not promote my twitter account enough. In case you do not know how to promote your twitter account just figure out your URL and use it. My twitter URL for example is http://www.twitter.com/josephgelb. I could link drop this anywhere on the web and expect to get more followers. Some of the other ideas were that people get listed on twitter and get a follower rush. I believe firmly and I have proved this that many followers come through using 3rd party apps for social and search features. That would be what I would have used as an extra number. But besides the few things I see this was a very useful article.

The article author was promoting a cool twitter service called calendar tweet. This is an excellent idea and I hope that they have a bright future in the twitter 3rd party tool and app game. Which is worth big money by the way. Get in if you like the smell of bills!

I am out of stuff to say besides my usual twitter rocks bit. I will turn the mike over to you and say you rock. Thanks for reading this bit. Peace.


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