Huitter May Be The Most Powerful Twitter Tool On Earth

Twitter is the most important thing on earth. Well how can I get more followers on twitter is the most important question. Honestly followers are insignificant. The majority of twitter traffic is off of feeds, 3rd party devices, search engines, bookmarks, and anything else that fits into the whole web 2.0 blab jargon of the past present and future. There may actually be marketing value in not following a soul. There is a psychological value in following someone that follows no one. But they are twitter snobs. Why not just crank the best 3rd party app site on the planet called Huitter. Bust a hyperlink sales funnel to your twitter account. All the while using Huitter to clean out people who do not follow you back and automating the follow. Leave a welcome message even if you are into that. With Huitter you can also bring your twitter stream onto your own off site website. This turns your twitter profile into a micro blog. If you combine your twitter accounts, or that of many friends there is potential for a happy traffic explosion! Check out the vocab of your fellow tweeters, and bring your google stuff to twitter all with Huitter. Basically Huitter is the type of app that makes me regain faith that this whole tech frenzy actually has a purpose. My only problem with Huitter is that I never invented it and will not be making the big bucks off of their AdSense banner! Some people are just so lucky!

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