How To Really Increase Google Traffic

Google is in the case of many businesses a desired place to get traffic from. Unfortunately there are a million bad myths surrounding the whole how to get Google traffic. The best way to really get Google traffic is to understand really how all of this works and exploit the system.

The How:

Google works like a galazy. It spins, expands, contracts, but is never really the same. Google is a robot that is continually searching for both relevant and new information on the web. Google then categorizes the info and incorporates it into the search.

How To Exploit This:

New subjects with a steep upward trend is the best way to get long tail Google traffic. If you are one of the first in on a subject, you will get seniority on the engine. If you are on top and viewed by Google as one of the sites to break the topic your site will be important. This is how most of the top money bloggers get a top site and endless revenue stream. If you on the other hand make the mistake of going after the hot topics, it is alread to late. When something is already discovered and trending your site will never get as much Google traffic as the founders.

Win The Google Game By Incorporating Non Google Information:

If the majority of your reasearch and content development is done using the Google engine then inevitably you will rarely find these untapped jewels. Because of this it can help to find obscure information and bring it to Google and be a niche pioneer rather than just anouther niche crasher.

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