How To Loose All Of Your Blog Traffic Before Your Vegan Pop Tarts Are Ready!

Where did my site go!

If I got paid by AdSense every time I heard this phrase I would be a millionaire. Seriously people have been having serious problems keeping google locked on their website. One thing that I have noticed is that in many cases people suffer from try to hard syndrome.

Some times people try so hard not to get google banned that they get banned because the algorithm starts to penalize sites for trying too hard.

One of the biggest myths in the book is that if you have page rank than google loves you. This is simply not the case. A website can be page rank 10 for example yet if it is banned it will not even appear in the first 30 google search results pages in the exact phrase of the websites name.

Google is serious my friends. Many marketers who get banned will even drop the domain because the amount of time to get back into the google kingdom is such a make money online liability!

If my website has a lot of bookmarks will that make up for the google banned traffic loss?

Absolutely not. You will get a bit of traffic from this but only like 10 percent of the search traffic to your bookmarks will click through no matter how enticing the content may be.

Why does google hate me so much?

Google does not really hate you my friends. Rather google hates loosing money. The whole livelihood of google rests on good search results. Google is picky. Only the nice sites get in so play fair.

What are ways of getting my banned business back on its feet?

When websites get banned often the owner does some serious crying and soul searching. The best thing in my opinion would be just start another site. Leave the guilty site on the back burner and get on with life. Do not waste you life on a site that is unloved.

But I only want one website?

The reality of life is that websites succeed and fail every day. It may help to have a few just in case one goes.

Why do you keep putting thoughts in my head? And why is this article no different than the trillion fear google articles on the web?

I apologize my friends. I am a bit of a copy cat. Some might call me a blogging cheetah that blogs similar to others!


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