How To Create A Recession Proof Business

Believe it or not but people will buy just as much stuff during this recession as they ever have. The quintessential return to basics consumption pattern has driven entrepreneurs scrambling to meet the new demands. Luckily for the one person Internet business, these large businesses can not keep up with the changing trends and are closing their doors by the millions. The gap in competition makes websites like yours and mine extremely profitable. Why not target basic products. Create web stores of uniquely useful genuine and fair priced products. If you do this sales will fly off of the shelves. Need I say you will make a lot of money. The yahoo article points out to things like canned ham, good shoes, candy and precious metals as being particularly recession proof. I would hedge my bet on anything that is sold in a store versus products in the service economy. People who were used to going out are now buying groceries. Canned coffee for instance is probably a new hot item that was long forgotten to the decadence of the drive through. Camping products will be big this summer as people down grade their vacations to cheap camping trips. Higher quality clothing will sell well when people realize that their over priced under quality stuff is not doing so well. One thing is for certain that if you give these next bad decades to Internet marketing you will do really well. To your wealth.


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