How To Contribute To The Google Social Web

'How can I use Google's social media properties?' 'I did not know that google has social stuff.' 'I want in.'

These are the typical sentiments of many people. They love Google and all it does but have trouble finding the Google social sites. After all it is much easier just typing in Twitter in our web browser.

Google is a social force to be reckoned with. Google launched their social blog this year. So to some degree I am breaking big news online.

The big shocker is how few people are following this blog so far. This is what happens when the project is so new. It is like stepping into that new car, and every thing just shines.

The latest Google Social innovation is content recommendation. Driving recommendations is what makes online society spin and evolve. On Twitter we re tweet. Google realizes the importance of this and is taking it farther.

'So I have a Twitter account. Why should google social concern me?'

The answer is that Twitter is hot and fast. But Google is consistent and slow. The race of the tortoise and the hare was not a draw my friends. Remember that. And good luck.

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