How To Build Your Twitter Profile The Right Way With Twit Paper

Hopefully that title will catch the eye of some people. They may then click it and read this article. If all is good people feel good. The same thing is the deal with your Twitter background. If you are into celebrities get a picture of Paris Hilton for your twitter background and if you are into nature get a picture of a forest. See that is what Twit Paper is all about. Self expression.

Just imagine you walk into your friend's room. The walls are white. There is nothing in there. The carpet is gone. The room smells like paint. You can hear an echo. So you decide to play Frisbee and forget about the room.

On the other hand if you friend has decorated her room from one end to the other. You choose to stay and watch TV all night long. You never leave. Then when your friend leaves you Follow him or her.

This is a lot how Twitter works. Customize your profile with Twit Paper and turn the echo chamber into a disco club.

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