How Much Value Is There Really In Free

I was reading a few articles today and I came across a blog post about working for free. This seems to tie into what I talked about yesterday where some guy used the facebook pay ads to get a job. Free in the same way is a self advertisement. It is a way to get the word out. To self promote. To get recommendations from people who actually matter. This may differ from a pay job that we do that does not matter. For example when I was a kid I did yard work, worked in restaurants, and other jobs like this. At the time I thought I would only do stuff for money. But in reality none of these things connected me with important people. These jobs never got me anywhere. I have no desire to start a restaurant or a lawn, garden, and house maintenance service. In some sense I was living in one world and my mind was in another. When life does not line up there is a lack of balance. Well fast forward to 2009 and we are here. I have seen new places and realized what people were selling me was just a bunch of lies. I think many people are in this same boat. The Internet is where they play free and hedge their bets. They do free things for the greats. But I would take this one step further, collaboration is king. Even if you just do stuff with your friends you will go much farther than alone. At the same time do not just do free stuff and not ever try to drive conversions. That is the biggest mistake on earth.

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