How Does The Mobile App Industry Impact Online Business

Mobile apps are big business. Imeen for instance is a search company that wanted a piece of the application money pie. Music and applications go together like maple syrup and lemonade. Add a little pepper and you have a cleanse. This is exactly where the online money is going to. Mobile is the new power play. This is one more reason twitter will play strong in the future. Twitter is definitely something people do when in line.

The biggest player in the app game is going to be google. Google does a good job of bringing many diverse players together. Google goes with all phones and people.

How will the app market differ in 2009+ from 2008? The answer is that more people will be building apps as services that let people byo apps come out of the wood work.

The apps that I care about most look like Fring. Fring is an app where we can take the Internet business revenue journey for the world. After all social media leveraging is everything. We must not waste a second not doing it.

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