The Google Wave Is Taking The Social Media World By Storm

Look out Twitter there is a new wave in town. It is called Google Wave. The Wave is being developed as a browser enhancer. The same people who created Google Maps came up with this product. So what exactly does Google Wave do? Twitter taught Google the importance of instant messages, social media and bring the web together in an open way. Google Wave is an open source product that combines social media and messaging. Basically the Wave is like Twitter that can be taken everywhere with increased functionality. The Wave transfers the letters in real time. We need not hit send. We need not wait for the next message so there is a time constraint which hurts slow typers and thinkers. This way the Wave is like real conversation. Pictures can be sent instantaneously on Wave. People can essentially compile and organize each others pictures. The Wave is fully embeddable on web pages which could put all social media sites in the dark! People need not answer from the blog but from where ever they have the wave. With the Wave people can bring their followers and friends from other communities. Breaking down the barriers will increase every one's online social capital by increasing the overall collaboration of the network. Also things can be embedded in the wave like advertisements, search boxes , and videos. People can then edit everything in real time across the wave which is the most effective hands on collaboration the world has ever known. This is more efficient than looking over some one's shoulder who is typing something. When people make a change the Wave says who did it. This way if someone is trying to sabotage the Wave people know so it takes the mystery out of the whole thing. The Wave is the most compatible feature rich social media experience ever known on earth. Basically any software will have the ability to be stacked in the wave. This brings our computers and their technology onto the net and into the cloud. This may increase software value. I could see where the Wave would go crazy if lets say 1000 people were editing a page simultaneously. Eventually letters will start flashing and people would quit a wave full of gibberish. Wave has live spell check as well. Links can be added one click right from the Wave search function called Linky. The Wave is great for social gaming as well. Wave works with Twitter called a TWAVE! The Wave also allows companies to have closed systems even if this goes against the Google brand. The Wave incorporates real time language translation with Rosie the robot. The applause at the end of the Wave's intro to the world is bigger than that at any concert.

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