Google Tisp Plumbing WIFI Is Real Or Joke?

Dr. Eric Schmidt is the distinguished CEO of google. In this google video Eric Schmidt talks of technology and search engines. I like how he talks of the power of the Internet. This is why I am a long advocate of people bringing their lives, their business, and their ideas to the Internet. Eric Schmidt also talks about privacy issues. The issue I see is that there always seems to be people who can hack it. I firmly believe that anyone online should do a lot to not do things that can be taken or used against them. I have had friends who have had their identity taken and it took them a year to piece it together. Eric Talks of some bad sites that seem to run counter to what needs to be in the search terms. I am not sure how this ban may affect people. Eric assures us that most of these sites rank badly. The talk goes on to click fraud. I have read many blogs where people get their AdSense account deleted because of click fraud. Apparently now they adjust for click fraud with google AdSense and have better detection systems then they did when the video happened in 2006. Eric Schmidt also talks of the discrepancy between information about ads and how much money people would make. Most make money online people know this that a subject that does awful and another one that does good counter intuitively. Eric also stops the interview to talk about how great radio and video are for ads. My space is also mentioned as an under utilized opportunity. Eric also wants to bring ads to TV. According to Dr. Eric Schmidt ads that are not targeted to people are wasting their time because they have no use for them. He talks of standardization. Eric Schmidt also talks about how the success of AdSense has led to more fraud. IGoogle is also discussed for helping personalize their google experience with google. Eric Schmidt also talks of how google search is being placed deep within the web architecture. One great point is that Eric Schmidt talks about how they use non link structure to build on their search. In this way your site can be referenced without a link and it is still like you get a link. He talks about how the law suits are business based. They talk of google problem solving like the free wifi. I will let you watch the rest of the interview.

In anouther video Dr. Eric Schmidt talks about web 3.0 and what is to come.


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