Google Ad Planner Is The Best Way To Increase Adsense Revenue

In the world of Google AdSense some people seem to get rich while others get ten cent clicks. There is often little difference between the two. Websites can get tons of traffic and do horrible with Google AdSense. While other websites get practically no traffic, but they make a living wage with Google AdSense. A major part of succeeding in Google AdSense is to promote your site on the web and through the advertiser channels. This way advertisers can have a firm understanding of what your website is about. They become more likely to take out your ad slots. If one advertiser takes out an ad slot and is successful more want in. In effect you need to learn how to market your websites to make the most AdSense money. Google Ad Planner a feature that was released this may takes the whole promote your website to advertisers to the next level. The Ad Planner is basically a stat listing that helps advertisers see if your site is right for them. This can help advertisers a lot. What size ads to you run for example, what is your site about, and how much traffic does it get. These are the foundation that will make advertisers hit your site. When it happens look out for the elusive 100 dollar click! Legend has it at least!

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Blogger October 2, 2016 at 1:32 AM  

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